It is time for me to start putting all of my ideas into one nice place, concise and accessible, if for no other reason than I will be able to find my own thoughts all in one place. I am a serial notepad list maker. So, my ideas and my to-do’s are usually in about a dozen places. This should be a nice change.

I would like to create a space where I can write about, and share, my passions. Health, wellness, God, relationships, marriage, creativity, food as medicine, cooking, lifestyle, music, humor,  yoga, pilates, running, honesty, integrity, enlightenment, faith, love, nature, recovering from disease, functional medicine, homeopathy, autoimmunity, P.A.N.D.A.S, kids, parenting, epigenetics, cats, life patterns…and so much more.

Disclaimer: I will speak heavily about health topics. I am NOT a doctor. Do not mistake any of my knowledge or thoughts for a doctor’s medical advice. I am well educated, have been taught by some of the brightest minds in functional medicine, homeopathy and genetics. I read and learn and seek knowledge CONSTANTLY which is one of my downfalls-I need to know when to relax and remember balance. From medical journals, to books, to speaking with folks all over the world with the same drive for wellness-it is so great to have community. I have recovered myself and family members from the throes of autoimmune disease via diet and individualized supplementation. I have learned the vital importance of eating real food in order to live. The AIP. Paleo with emphasis on veggies and fruit. Programs like a ‘Whole 30’ change lives, friends. Food is medicine. The way you stay out of the doctors office is by taking care regarding what you put into your mouth. It’s not nearly as complicated as most of America would like to make it seem…this whole health thing. A good amount of sleep and exercise most days are also vital. See? Not complicated. Find your motivation (to be well and live to your fullest potential!!!) = find your path. Remove toxic relationships from your life by learning to love yourself. 

It is my observation that most people are their own worst enemies. Oftentimes, when we just get the heck out of our own way…put down the wine, leave the cruel relationship, stand up for ourselves, heck…go to bed an hour earlier(!) and wonderful things will begin to happen. When we can align our desires and intentions with our actions and our words- only then will be begin to live the life that God intends for us.

Example: It’s not really a good, pro-active health choice to go out drinking two nights of the week with your friends when your intention is to lead a healthier, clearer life, without the cloud of alcohol in your system. Yet, this is how most folks live, because they cannot stand up and do what they know is right for themselves. They are too stuck in worrying about what their “friends” might think about their choice to clean up their own act, and they might lose those “friends”. Or they are co-dependent, or afraid of change, or just plain “stuck”. Only when we decide that we are enough for ourselves; that God holds us right there in His hand…that we are enough for Him…will the right people come into our lives to accept us and love us AS WE ARE… as we grow and align our beliefs with those that are NOT of this world.

Just because we are IN this world, it does not mean we have to be OF this world.

I received a beautiful piece of art from my precious husband for our anniversary, and this is what it says:

“This is what we will do-

we will go and put good things into the world

and the trees and the flowers and the sky will be so happy.”( R.Puig)

These words, and the sentiment behind them, mean so much to me. Here’s hoping that you go and put good things into the world today, and have the courage to want good things for yourself. In this society where self-loathing, self-medication, and self-deprecation are the norm as well -as the expectation-I hope you can find a way to know that you are worth so much more.