So, this past weekend we decided to have our kind painters come to finally take care of the brown paint situation in our tall living room, loft and hallway. It went wonderfully, and we ended up with a beautiful whitish grey, which is so lovely and clean.

Bye-bye Brown! We had a nice afternoon watching the first couple episodes of “Stranger Things” on Netflix, ( LOVE!), we had dinner, and then worked on putting our living spaces back together that evening. I tell you, we always have done our own painting until the past couple of years, when larger projects have necessitated some help. Just watching these amazing guys work so hard is really inspiring. I forgot how much work painting is! And they hammered out all this space, plus the kids bathroom, on one Saturday. I remember one of the last rooms that my husband and I painted together was the kids’ art room, in our former home. There’s something so meditative about just painting a great big wall, paying careful attention to the trim, and listening to some music, or listening to an audiobook. On that day, my husband and I listened to Dr. Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief”. If you have not read it, I cannot recommend it enough. It was highly impactful to me and changed my perception on why we think the way we do, and also showed me how our thoughts impact our health so profoundly.

So, after the painters left last Saturday, I was working up in the living room, and we still had some things cluttering the ground that had been moved around, one of which was one of the lacrosse balls that I put on the ground and lay on, when I want to work out a knot in my back. I had climbed up onto the couch to straighten out one of our shelves, and as I stepped down backwards off of the couch I stepped onto the lacrosse ball and before I knew it, my feet flew out from under me I fell backwards and I landed with my full weight on my right arm. I heard “crack crack snap!” –But that really was nothing compared to what I saw when I looked over at my arm. It looked as though somebody had tried to remove my hand and then stick it back on at a weird angle. To say that everything was “dislocated”, is an understatement. It looked so incredibly bizarre, and I could not believe that I was looking at my own arm/wrist/hand.

I yelled for my son to tell daddy to call 911, and I started shaking and was writhing from the pain. Mind you, I am excellent with pain. I had two tiny humans cut out of my abdomen, I have had shoulder surgery where they had to burn the end of my clavicle off with fire (!), I have been knocked out from a crowbar to the face, I have been in major car accidents- so pain has actually been a friend to me in retrospect, one that has forced incredible growth, learning, understanding, and has been an unmistakably loud driving force in my journey towards wellness.

An army of precious paramedics arrived and got me to the hospital, where I had to be interviewed by 5,000,439 people and answer twice as many questions before somebody would inject some pain medicine into me, and even at that point they could only get my pain down to an “eight.”They x-rayed my wrist and my shoulder, and about a half an hour later a sweet little tech came in to tell me that nothing was broken, and I actually think I laughed. Hilarious!  (Turns out that that information was for the person in the room next to me. Oops!) The doctor came in a few minutes later, and told us that I had shattered my wrist in multiple places and would be in need of surgery. I was grateful because I knew that until they set all this dislocated business back in place, that it was going to be pretty hard for me to get out of pain. And if they didn’t hurry up, I was actually contemplating how I could do it myself. It’s hard to see all of the shattered bones, because they are so tiny, but everything is just all kind of crammed up into the area between the hands and the wrist area, and mangled. My right Junior wrist is SO portable!


Below are the pictures after surgery. They admitted me to the hospital that night, and I didn’t get much sleep because I was too busy asking for more pain medicine. I was very concerned because they had told me that I would be getting a metal plate in my wrist. I told everybody there that I had a pretty complex autoimmune profile that I was in the process of healing from and dealing with, so what ever they were going to leave behind in there had to be something that I would be the least likely to react to. At this point, I’m just praying that this is the case. I’m not happy about it. But there is only so much that we can control, particularly in crazy times of emergency and stress. When I arrived on the stretcher to my room, we quickly realized that I had a roommate, an elderly lady. She immediately got very upset and started complaining to the nurses and asking why she had to have a roommate, stating that she was going to need some more of her anxiety pills, and that she would not be able to sleep. I was mostly ignoring the complaining, because I clearly had other things to worry about, but luckily she kept it up long enough that they took her and put her in her own room. So then I had the room to myself! SCORE!!!
 Isn’t it beautiful? <sigh…>
So here I am, five days post emergency surgery, and dealing with a roller coaster of emotions and pain all week long. My least favorite part about post surgery is the way that your entire gastrointestinal system just stops doing anything. And it takes forever to wake back up. I wanted to share with you some of the things that I have been using to start to feel better, help to regrow healthy bones, help my body to detoxify from all of the anesthesia, and help me to deal with some of the pain meds that I am on. I am trying not to take a lot of the prescription pain meds, not because I’m trying to be a martyr, but because of them not helping my G.I. situation. Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re just all full of the wrong stuff in your abdomen. Ugh!

Pete’s Paleo out of San Diego is the first place I thought of when thinking about how we are going to eat in the coming weeks. My incredible husband is working at his job and doing everything here at home, including my nightly bath and hair washing because I am completely one-handed. Pete’s Paleo makes wonderful meals that are delivered to your door, and you just heat them up on the stove, and they are freezer ready, too. We had our first beautiful meal last night of grass fed beef hash, spiced cauliflower and the most tender little organic carrots. I also ordered some bone broth from them, to help regrow some of this bone in a healthy way. You can check them out at Pete’s Paleo. We have used them in the past, when I had elective shoulder surgery earlier this year. Yep, same side as my wrist. No, not ideal.

It was super yummy!

Each day, as I try to add in more healthy stuff, it seems to wake up my body a little bit more, infusing my cells with energy and pushing out the toxins. This lovely pair seem to be quite the combination currently.

Pure Synergy organic barley grass juice powder, I’m doing about 2 teaspoons a day divided into two servings, and Doctor’s Best vitamin C powder, I’m doing about 4000-6,000 mg of this a day currently.
I’m drinking this lovely dandelion leaf and root tea to help my liver along…

And continuing with my Vital Proteins collagen peptides, which is just some of the best stuff I have ever taken. I have used grass fed collagen for a couple of years, but I switched to this brand about a month ago. It makes me feel mentally lighter, it’s making my hair grow super strong and fast, and it’s making my skin glow.

Before this accident happened, I was beginning a new healing regimen with my functional medicine doctor, focused on further healing of my gut from years of doctors over-prescribing antibiotics. I’m putting part of that on hold right now because there’s too many other things that have taken precedence, but this is one of the probiotics that I am taking currently. Soil-based.

And, I also have to take some calcium, and I prefer to take food-based, raw calcium that my body can actually utilize.

The key to this stuff is taking it away from your other minerals, and also away from any oil supplements.

This is all in addition to everything else that I normally take to heal in regards to autoimmunity and gut health, but that’s a post for a different day. I’m keeping up with eating as much high quality organic nutrition as I can every day, which will go very far in speeding along my healing, help to keep my poor adrenals from crashing, and keep my hormones from getting too wacky.

I have so many feelings right now that it’s hard to keep them all straight! I want to thank first and foremost- my fantastic husband and partner in this life. Thank you for being at my side all the time, for jumping in and just taking over my role in the home while maintaining everything that you already do, keeping the kids happy and just keeping everything rocking. I will never understand how you do it. And without complaint, even without breaking a sweat. You are incredible to me. I love you, my sweetheart.

Thank you to my wonderful friends Gena, and her husband, Michael, for taking care of the kids while we were in the hospital. The peace and stability that you helped to instill in this home cannot be underestimated. You are a true friend, Gena.

Thank you to my precious mom who has an army of prayer warriors working on my behalf in the Midwest. I love you so much mom. And every single one of those prayer warriors. Thanks for listening to me this week. It’s hard to be so far away from you.

Thank you to all of my new friends at Bible study for the love and the prayers and for checking in on me so often. Thank you to my darling friend, Jaime, for your prayers and for your presence. Thank you to my sweet neighbors on either side, as well as down the street for helping out.

We don’t always understand why sometimes it seems that we are in a period of one storm after another in life. But one thing I do know for sure, is that the “good stuff” comes out of the bad stuff. And I have an awful lot of “good stuff” in this life. I’m not talking about “things”. I’m talking about people, love, light, hope, laughter, and gratefulness. And I have hope in eternity. How could I ever be down?

My mom sent me this yesterday morning, and it is my new favorite.

“Trust me and refuse to worry, for I am your strength and song. You are feeling wobbly this morning, looking at difficult times looming ahead, measuring them against your own strength. However, they are not today’s tasks or even tomorrow’s. So leave them in the future and come home to the present, where you will find me waiting for you. since I am your strength, I can empower you to handle each task as it comes. Because I am your song, I can give you joy as you work alongside me. Amen!”

I hope that y’all have a great weekend. Here’s to a peaceful, intact, joy-filled and relaxing one.

The Mint Pixie