Hi friends! I thought I would take a little side-step and make a fun post about our recent kitchen remodel. As you will see in the pictures, it was completely gutted and redone. We had so much fun helping with the design and picking the colors. We knew we wanted clean, light and bright, and we are so pleased with the result. One of the most amazing pieces of this complete kitchen redo, is that it was completed within the space of a month!

When you cook as much as we do, it is very difficult to not have a kitchen. We set up a makeshift one in the dining room with a toaster and a microwave, but I really hate using the microwave. We did a lot of carryout from Whole Foods and another local farm to table restaurant, but after about the second week, none of us were hungry anymore because we just wanted to be able to create our own food again. It’s almost like you just completely lose your taste for any other food!

The key components we knew we wanted in the new space were the farmhouse sink, a beautiful backsplash, the glass front windows at the top of the cabinet, and a usable island space where we could actually eat. I would also love to have added some lighting, but we had to stop somewhere. And plus, that will hopefully be a fun project in the coming year.

The Before kitchen and during Demo: Tiny Island, WHITE TILE EVERYWHERE (oh, the grout lines!) Terrible, scratched up sink from the previous owners, faucet falling apart, stinky old garbage disposal, florescent lighting under the cabinets (BAD), and a refrigerator in a really tough spot, not terribly workable right there.

They had to redo some electricity and move some water lines as well as some gas lines, so that is why the walls were open. And all of this mess was totally worth it:

Our New Kitchen!


Calcutta Marble Backsplash, Quartz counters, and full Maple Cabinetry.






Farmhouse sink: Answer to prayers.













It is such a blessing to create and cook in such a well designed, functional, sturdy, beautiful space. I’m very happy with the quartz countertops which are proving to be quite durable and beautiful. The new location of the refrigerator has improved the flow of work and traffic in the kitchen. Thanks for checking out our dream kitchen; it was much less of a painful process than I imagined it to be!



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