I wanted to get my thoughts down on a couple of the new things that I learned watching Dr. Izabella Wentz’s “The Thyroid Secret.” If you think you may have something strange going on with your thyroid, or your doctor has wanted to remove your thyroid, or you know you have something and you’re just feeling worse, please check out this wonderful series that she’s created. Due to my history of doctors wanting to remove my thyroid, I’ve been down this rabbit hole for a long time, and like Dr. Wentz says, if something has gone awry with your thyroid, it’s because there is a deeper issue within the body that needs to be figured out. The thyroid is the canary in the coal mine which is your body!!!

As I speak about quite often, the thyroid is really no different, it all begins in the gut. And what so many people don’t understand is that you can have serious issues with your gut and not really have “bathroom problems.” Does that make sense? If you have strange things happening with your health, from sensitive teeth to ear infections, gout in your toes, candida overgrowth, pain in your joints, chronic headaches…so much will be solved if you can get the gut straightened out. Leaky gut is real, and it is driving the exponential increase of all diseases in this country, along with the usual culprits such as GMO’s, EMFs, too much sugar, and too much stress.

Blastocystis Hominis

I learned about this little bugger from Dr.Wentz! This is the yucky bacteria that you get from living in common places with a lot of people such as college dorms, and also from swimming pools, spas and water parks. In a healthy immune system, you get the bug and then you work through it, it dies, and then you’re fine. But in anybody dealing with a big underlying viral load such as those with Epstein-Barr virus or Lyme disease  (which is 90-98% of the population depending on who you talk to) and found particularly in many with EBV, it can be a big hurdle to healing. It can be found sometimes in stool testing, but, like all opportunistic  pathogens, it can hide out in the body and namely in the gut, and not show up on testing. Treatable sometimes with metronidazole, but only 50% effective, these are very resistant, thick-walled organisms.

Dr. Wentz says Alinia is good sometimes (nitazoxanide). It’s a prescription and I can’t really speak to it as I have not known anyone who has taken it.

Herbal protocols in her opinion are better, such as Oregano, Berberine, Wormwood, and Saccharomyces boulardii- which on it’s own has been found to help with an 80% eradication rate! There’s yet ANOTHER reason why it is my favorite probiotic, and the one I always take, and have my kids and hubby take when we travel. I’m not huge on berberine, as it can cause hair loss in some.

Many thyroid nodules are said to go away when Blasto is eradicated! That is pretty awesome.

So, onto my thoughts from my studies on Epstein Barr longterm cases (which most of the population has- genetics and trauma and other illness and viral load, in addition to lyme status, will determine if it causes you more trouble in your life)  and how they can be a bear to overcome. EBV is the cause of Hashimotos Thyroiditis, which is reaching epidemic rates, so to think of how to shut off autoimmunity is paramount, and stop this virus from replicating. Many people have Hashimoto’s and don’t know it, because so many doctors don’t do the right tests. Correction- MOST doctors don’t do the right tests…even some endocrinologists, which by and large have just become pill-pushers and thyroid-removers.

If you have anything wrong with your thyroid, or any autoimmune disease, or lyme, or coinfections such as bartonella, or EBV, asthma, allergies, eczema, joint pain, anxiety, depression..the most important dietary thing you need to do forever is NOT EAT GLUTEN. Here’s a great explanation on more about why that is.  The gluten thyroid connection and the role of molecular mimicry in autoimmune disease is explained very well here by Chris Kresser. BUT, that is TOTALLY okay that you can’t have gluten, because YOU ARE BIGGER THAN FOOD, and your stomach is not a garbage dump for that which causes you disease. Plus, you love yourself, and you want to last. Dairy and soy will also need to come out, but some dairy may get to come back at some point after regaining your gut integrity. Soy will never be your friend, because it mimics estrogen in the body and raises it to unhealthy levels (think cancer causing) and also, because it is ALL GMO. Glyphosate (in GMO’s) breaks down the interior of your gut. Which breaks down your brain and the connection between the two. Dive into learning about the vagus nerve and why it is bad when we destroy or degrade it!  You would be back to square one if you reincorporated these foods. Many folks need to eliminate corn for this very same reason…my very first and very trusted naturopath/farmer/hormone specialist in the Midwest taught me that there is no longer any such thing as NON-GMO ORGANIC corn, no matter what the bag says, thanks to the overfarming of GMO corn fields in proximity to old organic fields. That’ll break your heart.

A low arginine diet is helpful towards stopping the viral replication that keeps EBV active.

Fish, chicken, beef, lamb, milk, cheese, beans, brewer’s yeast, mung bean sprouts and most fruits and vegetables have more lysine and less arginine, with the exception of peas.

Food Types and Their Lysine:Arginine Ratios

Yogurt 3:1

Cheese 2.5:1

Butter 2.25:1

Cow’s Milk 2:1

Avocado 1.5:1

Fish 1.5:1

Chicken 1.5:1

Beef 1.3:1

Egg 1:1

Cocoa 1:1

Oats, Wheat 1:1

Spinach 1:1

Corn 1:1

Carrots 1:1

Banana 1:1

Sesame Seeds 1:2.2

Flaxseeds 1:2.2

Pumpkin Seeds 1:2.2

Pecans 1:2.4

Sunflower Seeds 1:2.5

Cashews 1:4.4

Almonds 1:4.5

Brazil Nuts 1:4.8

Walnuts 1:5.4

This wonderful lysine to arginine ratio chart is found Here. (Innate Wellness Health Shop) if you would like to dig deeper.
The take home message is:
Vitamin A and C are both important and potent antivirals. High dose vitamin C therapy should not be without an end point, as it can cause the body to dump copper, thus increasing anxiety and other mental symptoms. It can also cause hair loss depending on your genes for iron and potential for hemochromatosis. Vitamin A should only be short-term as well, as the body doesn’t rid itself of vitamin A easily, and can become vitamin A toxic. Manganese also helps to limit viral replication in the same way that lysine does. In my experience for things like manganese and lysine, it’s OK to take them for a few weeks but then you need to give your liver a week or so to catch up on detoxification so that all of the things that are dying off do not back up. Especially in those of us who are not great at detoxification, these breaks are important.
My final thoughts for today are of a more philosophical nature. I truly believe that if somebody is not good at communicating how they feel to others, not good at understanding their own self-worth, and also has trouble sticking up for themselves, it is going to be all the more challenging to heal. Because often times, these types of people don’t believe that they are worthy of health. (I’m preaching to my own heart here- this is a struggle I find myself reverting to, based on history.) They don’t trust their instincts enough to dive in and educate themselves about their own bodies and the way that their gut health connects to their brain. Learning about the way health really works makes them anxious, as it is oftentimes EXTREMELY different that what they have been taught by doctors in America- that you’ll feel better if you take a bunch of pills. Doctors are by and large not making any effort to reach the ROOT CAUSE. As owners of human bodies, we don’t really get to decide to NOT care about our health. The consequences of this decision are a lifetime of constant struggle, descent into multiple diseases, a broken gut (and therefore broken brain) depression, and potentially, so many prescriptions that your head will spin.  In the light of our incredibly broken medical system, it has become irresponsible to not take control of your health as much as you possibly can. If you have a typical doctor (there are still some great doctors left, please know this) in this country who is beholden to the pharmaceutical industry with quotas and payouts, the days of going to your doc to be “healed” are pretty much gone. If you don’t mind having your immune system surpressed by drugs (to just become sicker with new issues later), destroying your gut with overuse of antibiotics and creating and whole host of new issues with the side effects of your prescription drugs…I guess you could just listen to your doc. But if you want quality of life, to set a good example for your kids and family and to live life to your fullest, you MUST arm yourself with knowledge.

For many people, their fear keeps then paralyzed. Believing that the problem is with everybody else, and not with them, is a very self defeating roadblock to healing the body and the mind. Furthermore, remaining closed off in your communication with others, out of fear or narcissism (or just plain meanness) only makes all of your illnesses that much worse, as the struggle within your mind and your negative self talk loops repeat and swirl, your body hears what your mind says, and disease is allowed to proliferate! See how that that works? Thank about the most unhealthy people you know with the worst diets…what is their attitude like? What is their approach to life? When a person doesn’t believe that they can heal or understand how to do it, their diseases are almost being asked to proliferate. I know I’ve recommended it before, but please read Dr. Bruce Lipton’s “The Biology of Belief”. Once you start to understand how your own thoughts and beliefs will manifest your health destiny emotionally, spiritually and physically, the whole game changes. You become excited at the thought that you actually have the power to make real and lasting changes in your health. You won’t have to remain beholden to your genetic destiny of whatever diseases and hurts and hangups, depression, traumas or anxieties that your parents had, just because you share the same DNA.

The power of quiet time with God and prayer is the single most important thing that I do on a daily basis to remain strong and grow. I can grow in Him, and by doing that, I grow to become the person that He created me to be. He wants us to pray, and PRAY BIG, but He also wants us to work hard, and try hard, and understand all the gifts that he has given us in order to be the best we can be for not only ourselves, but for our spouses and our children and our families. Yes, we were made human, but we were not created to just descend into illness, we were created to thrive for our whole lives. You are much more powerful than you believe.

In health and love,

The Mint Pixie