Our intuition is strong. It is our guide. All of us are born with it, and the lucky ones never lose it, and just get to begin the awesome work of honing it from day one. Others lose touch with it as the world gets in, and in the cavernously bizarre reality that is adolescence, we start caring about what other people think of us, more than what we know to be true. Or, if we make it through adolescence unscathed, perhaps in our late teen/early college years, we veer off course a bit, and lose our way. I believe that intuition is God, it is our connection to Creator. As a dear friend recently reminded me, Wayne Dyer said that prayer is us talking to God; intuition is God speaking to us.

In the past four years since we moved, my intuition has grown without restraint. It has grown specifically because I have focused on what He wants for my life and for the lives of my family members as we began on this new path. Sometimes, trying to decipher what God was telling me was super hard. Actually, it’s always hard when I try to control it. As my acupuncturist once told me, “there is no try, there is only do”…(I’m pretty sure she got that from Yoda), and it took me a while to let that sink in. There are many points in life where we have to do tough things. We try to make new friends, we try to recover from an illness, we try to recover our children, we try to get over something hurtful that someone said to us. I have found that if I keep trying to do those things, it never happens, or only partially so. But when I change my attitude to, “I am doing this well, it is for me, and it is happening now”, truly amazing things happen, and that is the sweet spot. When we are directly dialed in to our intuition, that voice of God- we suddenly have focus, drive, and renewed strength and clarity.

How do you go about becoming more in-tune with your intuition, you ask? There are many ways to go about it, and here are just a few:

  1. Slow down. So many people are just speeding/ floating through life- their days a blur of activity and tasks, with zero effort put into taking care of themselves, body, mind and soul. Anyone can find a few minutes to sit and connect with God in prayer, read a great book about love/God/intuition/what’s really important, get on the yoga mat for a little while- even if it’s just in the few minutes when you first wake up. It’s a fabulous way to set your intention for the day, and most folks who engage in a morning practice of quiet time find that the rest of their day will fall in line easier as a result of this type of practice. For others, it works best at the end of the day. If you can during the day, many find time in nature to be one of the best ways to get “themselves” back. Connection with all of the living things around us is tremendously healing and tells us so much, should we decide to listen.
  2. Write. If you have felt long disconnected from your intuition, it can be helpful to start to write in a notebook or journal first thing in the morning. Write at least a page. Don’t overthink it, just write what is there. Do it daily. Don’t share it with anyone, (unless of course you want to). The practice of getting out onto paper that which is floating around in our brain may seem awkward at first, but with time and with practice, you may start to see patterns in yourself that you would like to foster and feed, and have a better idea of those things you’d like to discontinue; that stuff that gets in the way. You get to choose to be done with it!
  3. Exercise. Wonderful things happen when we move our bodies. Our brains and our bodies are one…what we do for the body, we also do for the brain. Regular exercise can fuel our drive and passion, release wonderful soothing and energizing hormones in our body, and change our entire outlook on life. Your physical body will change and grow stronger as well, with renewed flexibility and vigor that your brain will also reflect in the lens through which you view the world.  There are many reasons why folks who don’t exercise suffer from depression in far greater numbers than those who do. We were made to move, create, sweat, grow and love. Through the practice of exercise, if we are open to doing it, we leave unhealthy patterns behind, and begin to realize that God wants us to be well and to truly love taking care of ourselves. Clarity just comes, if we take the time to notice it.
  4. Talk therapy. A very wise person once told me that we should never seek advice from one who is not actively chasing after that which parallels our own desires and hopes. In this world, where some days, it seems like there aren’t many who know their heads from their tails, it can feel like a narrow and lonely path when we need a shoulder to lean on, or even a listening ear. Whether it is a friend we are speaking to, or a trusted therapist or counselor, I would strongly suggest only confiding in and seeking guidance from one who shares your values and seeks growth and freedom in that which is beyond this world. And, as I have spoken about in previous posts, none of us were meant to do this life alone. The greatest and most successful and happiest people in this world have a team of folks helping them at life. You are no different. You are important and you are loved, and your creator longs for connection with you. We have traumas and hurts and hardships, and many have resulting self-loathing, negative self-talk loops, and addictions (food, drugs, alcohol, gossip, internet…). Rather than stuffing all of that into a metaphorical backpack, the burden of which is too much for us to carry, (we were not meant to carry anything alone) it is vital that we know that we can grow through these hurts and traumas, if we choose to talk about it, release guilt and fear, and let God work within us. That which remains in the dark withers and rots, and eats away at our very being. When we bring it all out into the light, denial can no longer take precedence over truth. You are not perfect, and trying to pretend that you are so you don’t have to deal with the hard stuff only creates further disease and disconnection from our Creator, and destroys your earthly relationships. Speaking your truth is the path to freedom.
  5. Eat Real Food. I grew up eating whatever I wanted, which was usually candy and soda and noodles. The way that this sort of diet affects the gut and therefore the brain is not to be taken lightly…so much of the suffering and anxiety of those folks in your life who struggle the most is caused by poor food choices and resultant lack of gut bacteria diversity, making for a sad and anxious brain, and leaving the entire body vulnerable to underlying viruses and bad bacteria. Over time, the gut and brain, and their mutual connection, break down so profoundly, that it becomes an incredible and almost insurmountable task to try and recover them. But with hard work, perseverance, a great team, a strong will, and a diet of only real, organic, non-GMO food (veggies, fruit, sustainable and ethically raised meat, good quality fats) recovery and healing is SO possible. The reversal of things such as too much candida, pathogens and parasites (we all have them!) and the recovery of a state of homeostasis and happiness, all starts with food. I suggest watching something like Michael Pollan’s movie, In Defense of Food to get a basic understanding of how to eat to live, and stop the unhealthy, multi-generational cycle of living to eat. Food can bring us joy, and it should, but we need to recover our health by re-training our bodies to utilize and crave real, whole food instead of the processed stuff that many of us were raised on. Our hormones, neurotransmitters, gut health, cancer status and longevity depend upon it. If you want to test this theory, and see how much you can transform your entire life, try a Whole 30. It’s amazing. And, for many, becomes a way of life.


Vail, Colorado


I did not leave my heart in San Francisco, but it certainly charmed me!

Lastly, I believe that there is so much power in a smile. So many walk around with a frown, and never make eye contact or say hello to those around them. Next time you go out to the store or a public place, try smiling at everyone. Say hello, or start a conversation. In the spreading of joy, you have the power to make someone’s day. And perhaps they will smile at someone and pass along the joy. This ripple effect can change the world. I believe we are far more powerful then we realize. Use your power, choose to transform, and everything will begin to fall into place. You get this ONE life! You don’t need to blend into the crowd or do things just because everyone else is doing them…you can choose to transform. You can choose to lead. Follow your connection to God-your intuition- and do great, big things.

To the lovers, the dreamers, the big thinkers, the paradigm shifters, the fearless and brave- you have become this. You are still becoming. I love you.

-The Mint Pixie