Arrogance is to humbleness, as fire ants are to ladybugs.
No matter how old you are, you always get further with honey than with vinegar.
When you talk about others and make fun, you look like an insecure jerk. Funny how folks who are old enough to know better, seem to have no clue in this arena.

It seems weird that this is something that needs to be said, but every day I am reminded about how much hate is circulating, needlessly, keeping people from their best lives.

You don’t get to hide behind your religion and judge others for what your perceive their walk with God to be. That is between them and God. Hate has nothing to do with God. You think that you are hiding within your holier-than-thou attitude, but you really just look cruel and close-minded. And you aren’t fooling anybody but yourself.
There is no room in this world for bigotry, misogyny, judging of folks for their sexuality, or hate of any kind. When you judge others, you don’t just hate- you ARE hate.

If I were someone who did not know Jesus, and I spent some time with some of the people I know who claim to be Christians, I would very much wonder what it is they are trying to accomplish with their judgmental statements against anyone who is different than them. Are they without sin?

There is no room for gossip. Gossip is for small minded people who do not care to talk about big ideas or dreams. Do you want to be a small minded person? One way to learn how distructive and damaging gossip can be to others and to yourself is to stop hanging out with people who gossip. It’s like a whole different world out there.
When you are uncomfortable with others because they are different, that is YOUR discomfort. It is YOUR issue. That is not them, or their issue, that is your own stuff that YOU need to work through.
When we finally decide to stop belittling others in an attempt to make us somehow feel better about ourselves, only then can the true magic of understanding yourself begin. The Bible says to love your neighbor as you love yourself. But that goes both ways, you can’t truly love anybody else until you love yourself. Think about that for a moment.

When you repeatedly lash out at and belittle others in life, and your attitude has turned bitter and negative, it is a great sign that even though you think you can change others- the real work you need to do is on yourself. That lack of ease you are feeling is not because of others, no matter how you may like to place the blame- but rather it is a direct result of your neglecting your own soul and heart. You are worthy of love and of loving and caring for yourself. Many of us were raised to not only NOT love ourselves, but to very much loath ourselves- as though taking care of our body, soul and mind were some sort of thing only for certain people who are made inherently better than you in the first place. Nothing could be further from the truth- and little is more destructive to a developing child.

As I’ve spoken of in my previous posts, many of our underlying thoughts about our own selves are formed in childhood. If your parents were not supportive, if you were neglected, your needs not met, if you were abused or left to raise yourself-the chances are pretty good that that inner dialogue in your head is not a positive one. You have to look to the past in order to make your future free. You cannot let go of, move on from, or grow as a result of that which you don’t understand. So many of the problems in the world could be solved if people understood the importance of dealing with your own problems first. Denying does nothing good- but it certainly harms and hurts. Because when you deny yourself, you also deny others. Not talking about it does NOT make it go away. You do not look like you are better than everyone else by pretending like you’ve no problems or issues. You only further delay your own personal growth and push away your own power.

It is NOT a sign of weakness to do this important work. It IS weak to deny and pretend. And as many will find out, it is not the easy path. The path to freedom is not lined with repression and fear-based living, but rather with radical self care and speaking your truth and bringing it all out into the light. Who are you trying to protect? Who are you living for? You are not leading your parents life. You are leading YOUR life. What false beliefs about yourself (lies of the world) can you leave behind today?

See this post for more of my thoughts on the lies that the world tells us.


Please remember, we are created in the image of God, to live in a broken world for a time. Have you wondered why on earth you are here? Your life on earth is for a far greater purpose than being miserable. Do you believe this? How can you change your path? You are so loved. Your sins have already been forgiven. How can you break free from the bondage of the false messages that create your reality?

I AM free. I AM healthy. I AM made in the image of God. I AM happy. I AM love.

That which you believe you will become.

Many blessings and so much love-


The Mint Pixie