Are you overburdened with tremendous anxiety? Does it just keep getting worse? Do your racing thoughts wake you up at night? Are you unable to achieve a balance in your life? Do you have aches and pains everywhere because of what you are holding within your heart, your gut and your mind with this anxiety and worry? Do you wonder why you just don’t feel happy anymore?
Turn off the news.
Stop reading the paper. 
A trusted and wise friend told me this years ago, and assured me it would make a tremendous difference in my anxiety levels and help me to get to the next level of assurance, confidence and healing in this life.

I have seen many lives absolutely transform when they stop worrying about what the news is telling them, and start actively tending to their own garden and to their own families.
The negative state of world, on heavy repetition, is not what we need to be filling our heads with if we want to feel good. You are letting others (strangers-and not very intelligent ones at that) wash your brain with half-truths, sensationalism and divisive stories. Stories designed to do exactly what they are doing, divide our nation and divide our world. Divide families, divide friends, and do the complete opposite of what we should be doing as humanity, which is to come together. Never forget that we are bright lights in a dark and fallen world, and the main noise of this world is not a positive one designed to raise us up, but rather it is crafted to keep us sick, scared, needy, indecisive and confused. You don’t have to let this voice be in charge of you. 

Watching terrible videos of horrific events over and over again is not going to bring health or healing to you. Your body listens to what your brain sees and hears. And your health will act accordingly. Your body will fall in line with that which you believe. 
If you are a parent, you set the tone for the people growing up within your home. Do you want them to be a part of a happy environment so that they can flourish with confidence and feel safe, or are you demonstrating a fear-based life based on hate and the lies that the world tells us? You are responsible for the kind of life your child is going to lead as an adult. The environment that you give them within the home is vital to them and their future health, self-esteem, and well-being.
For many, this involves a definite break from Facebook.  Maybe a permanent one. That’s great if your Facebook is a happy place, but for most of us, it’s filled with just as much garbage as the rest of the news in this world if you don’t heavily filter and alter your feed. It can be as skewed and as bastardized as the rest of the news.
You may think that this does not apply to you. You may think that you are impervious to the effects of constantly listening to the news and reading about it. I would like to challenge you to try it for a month. Be brave about it, and go completely cold turkey. If you have anxiety, which most people living in this modern world do, this is a tremendously important step towards regaining your center. Radical self care begins with what you focus on. And it continues with how you choose to spend your time.
In this climate that we live in, for so many, it is all about lashing out. Lashing out at those that are different from you, those who believe differently from you, who look differently than you do, you name it. I challenge you to tend to your own garden. You can’t stop others from doing what they are doing. That does not mean to stop caring about what’s happening in the world, it means to do some other things besides that. Reign it in and check yourself. Are you focused on the right things for your happiest, best and most loving life? 
For the sake of your own sanity, well-being and health, it is worth a shot. And that of those who love you and look up to you. By being constantly “on” with the chaos of the world without any time off, people are really and truly suffering. Families are being destroyed because of this constant 24-7 onslaught that the media provides to us. If you want to have a truly vital and vibrant and happy life, you have to take care of yourself. Mind, body and spirit. 
What you fill your head with becomes your reality. You are worth it. I hope you believe that. 
With love and hope,
The Mint Pixie
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