You are wonderfully made.
You are more than good enough.
You don’t need to punish your body anymore by using your stomach as a garbage disposal. You don’t need to be punished.
Eat real food, stop eating processed food, and change your entire life- your outlook and your relationships will change.

The simple truth is that when you change how you eat, you change your gut bugs, you are able to naturally detoxify and you begin to heal. Heal your gut- heal your brain. Love yourself, heal you heart.

You are worthy of love.

And it starts with how you care for yourself. And then, it’s like an avalanche, a cascade! More self care will come when you decide that you are worthy of being cared for!

And once you decide that, you will start to be able to speak your mind and stand up for yourself in a way you’ve not known before. Get what muddles your life out of the way- beginning with junk food.

You only get one life. ❤️