So, you know those people who get on social media, seemingly just to start fights with others?
When people have to put on their nasty pants and then get online in order to disseminate their own self loathing and lack of understanding to others, there’s really no good excuse for that. Therapy is available to all, in one form or another. And, yep, those who need it most may never get it.
But, the question I want to ask is, do you entertain fools? When people try to bait you into an argument, do you ignore them, or do you waste half your day trying to convince them of your point of view?

Have we, as a society, truly devolved in our interpersonal relationships to the point where we feel like arguing with strangers on the internet is a worthwhile way to spend our time?

2016 was the nail in the coffin for social media and politics. Families and friendships ripped apart because of love or hate for two completely corporate-bought and paid corrupt and evil elderly politicians. It would seem that many are still so proud and smug in their positions, that they would rather remain cut off from those whom they used to love, and who used to love them.

I cannot imagine anyone is going to be lying on their deathbed, so proud of the fact that they didn’t compromise their political opinions in the name of anonymously blind and brainwashed allegiance to some politician who is laughing all the way to the bank, and happy that they ended multi-year relationships, both family and friendships, over the whole deal. Trump, Hillary and Bernie have no idea who most of us are.

In a world that sends verbal messages of wanting to unify and unite and be equal with our brothers and our neighbors, actions of the opposite nature are speaking far louder than words. Are you a divider? Or are you one who sees the power in transcending? Do you see the harm in judging others based on what you PERCEIVE their politics, religion, or sexuality to be? You cannot be a unifier or a forward thinking dreamer and successful leader when you are spending all of your time in judgement of others.  You may think that you cannot be a divisive and judgmental person because you are open-minded and accepting and care about justice,  or maybe you are religious and pious, holier-than-thou and condescending because you think you have it all figured out and EVERYONE else in the opposite political party are mindless idiots. See where this is going? Politics are for dividing and highlighting differences between folks and their beliefs, which are personal, and blowing them up into places they should never have gone in the first place. And that is exactly what the enemy seeks to do as he further breaks down this already sin-ruled world.

What if, instead of giving our power away to others in pointless arguments on the internet, we take back our power, and get off of social media? Or, BLOCK and UNFRIEND or UNFOLLOW. Any friendship that is a real friendship can take this sort of choice, and you can tell that person (if they ask you why you went away form their sight on social media) that you value yourself and your friendship with them too much to continue to engage in the pettiness of the world trying to split people apart, and you can continue your real-life relationship with them. If they can’t take it…well, there’s your answer. They either weren’t your friend in the first place, they were using you to fill a need in themselves, or you’ve grown apart. It’s all okay. Fill your time with those who love you for you, rather then for the agenda they have for you. Stop chasing people. Those who are supposed to be in your life are right there in front of you. And if you spend your time in judgment of others, don’t be surprised when they want to stop hanging around you.


The Mint Pixie