“Many cases of childhood schizophrenia can be traced to celiac disease that involves intolerance to gluten grains. This disorder can also occur and young adults most commonly in the third decade of life. This condition is associated with incomplete breakdown of gluten proteins in the G.I. tract, resulting in small proteins called glutealmorphins that can pass into the bloodstream and access the brain. The net result can be brain inflammation and disturbed function of brain receptors. Early symptoms include bloating, excessive gas and explosive bowel movements. This condition can be effectively treated by strict elimination of wheat, rye, and some other cereal grains from the diet. A family history of gluten intolerance, Crohn’s disease, colitis or other malabsorptive disease is a warning sign at this disorder. Thousands of person said tragically separate a lifetime of severe mental illness that could have been completely overcome by eliminating gluten from their diet.”
– William J. Walsh, PhD, from the book “Nutrient Power- Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain”.
Keeping in mind that schizophrenia and other mental illnesses are on a sliding scale-and they NEVER exist in a bubble or for no reason- and it goes far beyond genetics. If you have a child with uncontrollable behavior, a diagnosis of ADHD, OCD, anxiety, social anxiety, or similar, PANDAS/ PANS- always look to diet first. Gluten, especially in the United States, is nothing but a glyphosate contaminated poison. Glyphosate works to further to break down the gut and therefore the brain because of the connection between the two. All wheat in the US is contaminated with incredibly high levels of glyphosate, yes, ever the organic stuff, thanks to cross-contamination and adjacent planting fields.
Seriously, I’ve seen people hang onto their gluten tighter than a thief hangs onto a bag of money. Gluten is no prize. You can give up the bread and transform your life. You don’t need to eat pasta in an attempt to make yourself happy. But you do have to do the hard work. But we are not afraid of hard work. We know that the good stuff comes through the hard work. If we always take the easy button in life- our health- mentally, physically and emotionally, will only continue to suffer.
Your children are depending on you to figure out the root cause of their health issues, and if your healthcare practitioner is not helping you and your children are not better, it really is a pretty good sign that you need to take matters into your own hands.  You get one life- why not make your best effort to take charge of your health, and teach your children to do the same in the process?
There is a doctor in Tennessee right now who is writing out prescriptions for “no sugar, diet and a Whole 30 diet” to his patients. Honestly, all doctors should be doing this. We would have a much different scenario for health and mental wellness in this country. Our children are crumbling under the weight of this toxic world. It is up to us to fix it. 
Heal your gut=heal your brain.



If you are not familiar with Whole 30- go take a look right here. It’s a game changer, folks- and a spring board to a new life.


Health is wealth and food is medicine!!!!




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