That which you resist will persist.

A life full of distractions is fun.

It can be helpful. Sort of.

For about five minutes.
That is, until all of the things that you have chosen not to deal with come crashing back to you all at once.

This is how life works. You have to be present to not let it suck you away, either to the past, or to the future. This presence is only possible if we find a way to stop stuffing all of our hurts and addictions, abuse and traumas away where they will harm us every single day for the rest of our lives- and confront them, one by one, deal with them all, and let them go. Without shame. Shame and guilt are useless emotions, and they are a sign that the real work that you have to do is not getting done.

Some people never realize it. Some folks realize it early, get the hard work done, and can then live in freedom, with eyes that have been opened to the truth. Do you want to float through life, doing the things that other people want you to do, and living in the way that other people tell you to live? Or do you want to be the driver of your life? Do you want to define yourself, or do you want to continue to believe in how others have defined you? Nobody has your best interests at heart in the way that you do.

So, do you love yourself, or even like yourself enough, to be kind to yourself? Or are you still being mean to yourself, and likely everybody around you? The lenses with which you view yourself are the lenses with which you view the world. For better or worse. But you don’t have to keep feeling lost or stuck. There are no shortcuts, and you’re going to have to do the hard work to overcome the tough things that have colored your life, all of the undealt-with things that have gotten you to the place where you are presently. But that’s OK, because you are strong, likely much stronger than you realize, and you can do hard things in order to get to the good stuff.

You are not your mistakes. You are not your poor decisions, you are not who you were ten years ago, five years ago, last week or yesterday. But you have to believe in your own capability to overcome. You have to take back your own power. If some people in your life view you as a sum of your mistakes, that is because that is how they view themselves. You don’t have to do their work. Do your own work, and stop letting their lenses be yours lens. Please know that you are worth it.

First, you have to believe that you are worthy of doing the hard work. You must believe that you are capable. You have God’s power within you. When you act like you do not and you don’t believe that you do, it is blasphemy. Nothing short of blasphemy.
We weren’t meant to do this life alone.

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With love,

The Mint Pixie