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pattern breaking

I love you- The Power of our Thoughts

My dear friend G told me a story today.  There was a doctor in Hawaii whose practice grew and grew, to the point where he wasn't able to spend the amount of time he wanted to with each patient. This... Continue Reading →

Tired of Nasty Pants

When people have to put on their nasty pants and then get online in order to disseminate their own self loathing and lack of understanding to others, there's really no good excuse for that. Therapy is available to all, in one form or another. And, yep, those who need it most may never get it. 

Vegetables Love You (More Radical Self- Care) 

You are wonderfully made. You are more than good enough. You don't need to punish your body anymore by using your stomach as a garbage disposal. You don't need to be punished. Eat real food, stop eating processed food, and... Continue Reading →

Stop Watching the News

The negative state of world, on heavy repetition, is not what we need to be filling our heads with if we want to feel good. You are letting others (strangers-and not very intelligent ones at that) wash your brain with half-truths, sensationalism and divisive stories. Stories designed to do exactly what they are doing, divide our nation and divide our world.

You will become what you believe about yourself

You don't get to hide behind your religion and judge others for what your perceive their walk with God to be. That is between them and God. Hate has nothing to do with God. You think that you are hiding within your holier-than-thou attitude, but you really just look cruel and close-minded. And you aren't fooling anybody but yourself. There is no room in this world for bigotry, misogyny, judging of folks for their sexuality, or hate of any kind. When you judge others, you don't just hate- you ARE hate.

Intuition and the Voice of God

There are many points in life where we have to do tough things. We try to make new friends, we try to recover from an illness, we try to recover our children, we try to get over something hurtful that someone said to us. I have found that if I keep trying to do those things, it never happens, or only partially so. But when I change my attitude to, "I am doing this well, it is for me, and it is happening now", truly amazing things happen, and that is the sweet spot.


But sometimes, in my human-ness, and in the fog of getting caught up in that which is less important, I forget about what exactly God is capable of. I was reminded a few weeks ago that the bigger and more earnest and confident the prayer, the more likely God is to hear it and to answer it. I have found this to be true time and time again.

You are bigger Than Food

"See that cookie over there? Many people are going to try to justify all of the reasons why it is OK for them to have that cookie. You want that cookie. You deserve that cookie. You cannot live without that cookie. Nobody better try to tell me I cannot have that cookie. Actually, I'm going to eat that entire bag of cookies, because I'm a grown adult, and nobody can tell me what to do. Humph."

2017, The Year of No Apologies

Why does this world think that it has any right to tell us who we are, what we should look like, what we can and cannot do, and who we are going to become?

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